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How can Juices help you in Diabetics

Most of the mainstream media has started to condemn market sold juices in favor of freshly extracted juices and sings their health praises to consumers. As the need and awareness to improve one’s health, body, and immune system grows, so does the image of fresh juices. The health conscious communities all over the world have adopted this trend and now include at least a glass of juice in their daily diet. However, one should not venture into the unknown without all knowledge, and all knowledge about juicing regularly includes its cons. These cons, stemming from the high sugar content in fruit juices, adversely impact diabetic patients.

However, all is not lost at this news because there are ways that diabetics can consume juices and have them also be beneficial to their health at the same time. Let us explore how.

Small Quantity

It is especially important for diabetic patients to only drink small amounts of juice after appropriate intervals of not drinking them. The ideal amount at a time is eight ounces. More than that would take your blood sugar level on a trip up north. Also, take special care not to add too many fruits in your drink.

Other Sources of Nutrition

You should know that even for healthy people or those who do not have diabetes juices are not to be relied upon as the primary source of nutritional content. There are many more, healthier options to be incorporated into your meal maybe as an addition to juice or as an alternative. Ideally, diabetic patients should not be drinking juice alone but rather with a proper meal from which they can get other proteins and nutrients to balance out the sweetness from the juice.

Vegetable Juices

Vegetable juices are impressively healthy in uncountable number of ways for everyone and just add extra benefits for diabetics. If you do not like the taste of your juice, you should add more vegetables into it rather than more fruits. Vegetables would balance out the effect of excessive fructose in the juice. Vegetable juices also end you up with miraculously clear, hydrated, and soft skin. Not to mention the wonders they do in cleaning up your intestines and digestive system including combating diseases like constipation.

Cold press juicers are the best option for juicing vegetables. Their strong motors can extract the necessary fibers and nutrients from vegetables and add them to your juice. You can experiment with a number of different combinations of vegetables or of fruits and vegetables until you end up with concoctions which are healthy and please your taste buds.

What to Avoid Juicing

A number of fruits and vegetables are high in content that is detrimental to diabetic patients. These include bananas, mangoes, watermelons, pineapples, and papaya. It is nothing to worry about as there are so many other options available to make juice with.

We advise that you also contact your doctor and confirm your juicing routine and ways with them before proceeding to consume them as you do.